Zoom Real Estate Limited // Born in LOCKDOWN 2020

Zoom Real Estate is a new real estate company founded during the 2020 Covid19 evolution. The world has re-evolved by adapting to survive. Many forward thinking companies now operate highly efficiently with lower overheads using cloud based systems, these cost savings can be immediately passed onto the consumer by the way of lower fees. Zoom Real Estate gives you that choice. We could save you $5000, $10,000, $20,000 on fees. Wouldn’t that be nice! 

Professional all the way

Mark Woolley, Manager, Director, Sales

Mark started his real estate career in 2003 and has sold all types of property to all kinds of people, gained a wealth of marketing knowledge and handled complex negotiations. You can be assured of a thoroughly professional service to get the deal done. Mark's attention to detail with photography will blow you away.


Mark’s approach in real estate sales is not just to sell his clients property but to achieve a premium result within their desired time frame. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compare our rates and check our feedback. 

Service with a smile

Maggie Woolley, Director, Sales

Maggie has always been busy with the admin and accounts since ZRE was formed. Already a fully qualified chartered accountant Maggie now has her real estate sales persons license. Maggie offers a friendly personal approach, she has a genuine caring heart. Born in China and settled in NZ in 2002 and holds full NZ citizenship and is 100% bi-lingual in mandarin Chinese and of course kiwi English. Mark & Maggie married in 2011 and are the very proud parents of Tristan & Rosina.

Kind & caring all the way

Angel Pearl Uren-Tekuru, Sales Associate

Born and raised in the Bay of Islands, Angel’s local family history  goes back generations in both her Maori & European heritage. As an ex professional hip hop dancer, she is well travelled and states “Of all the places I’ve been, there's truly no place like home.”   Angel is full of vitality and offers a genuine caring and honest approach. Newly licensed, young and motivated. Call Angel for a confidential appraisal or chat anytime 021 211 6518 *English or Te reo*


"Let's do coffee"

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